Your product always smells so good. What is that flavoring?

It's a very unique flavor called Cherry - Berry, and is the standard flavor for our base product.

Will you be doing additional flavors?

Yes, you will see other flavors such as apple, grape, and persimmon in the future.

How many years has Twisted Oaks been around?

Since 2011. The original founder began making his own minerals that year.

How long does it take to work? Or when can expect to see deer activity when putting it out?

It depends on the time of year and nutritional needs of your herd at the time you put it out. For example, if put out in March, deer are pretty depleted nutritionally speaking, so they tend to hit it harder in these early months over later months when deer have been eating agriculture, food plots, and vegetation all summer long. In general, though, as quickly as a day or two to a couple weeks before they find it and begin regularly using the site.

When is best time of year to start minerals?

Late February orĀ  early March. We run minerals all year long. The reason is that the winter months can be very hard on a deer herd and having an extra source of energy and nutrition is very helpful to overall herd health.